Residence on Earth.

Oil on 30'' x 24''

Of the dusty glances fallen to the ground
or of soundless leaves burying themselves.
Of metal without light, with the emptiness,
with the absence of the suddenly dead day.
At the tip of the hands the dazzlement of butterflies,
the upflight of butterflies whos light has no end.

You kept the trail of light, of broken beings
that the abandoned sun, sinking casts at the churches.
Stained with glances, dealing with bees,
your substance fleeing from unexpected flame
precedes and follows the day and its family of gold.

The spying days cross in secret
but they fall within your voice of light
Oh my love, in your rest
I establish my dream, my silent attitude.

With your body of timid number, suddenly extended
to the quantities that define earth,
behind the struggle of the days white with space
and cold with slow deaths and withered stimuli,
I feel your lap burn and your kisses travel
shaping fresh swallows in my sleep.

At times the destiny of your tears ascends
like age to my forehead, there
the waves are crashing, smashing themselves to death;
their movement is moist, drifting, ultimate.

-Pablo Neruda.


raincatch said...

beautiful painting of this golden manchild - thank you. i'd look at it forever if it were here..

Anonymous said...

soul seachin'


Campbell Jane said...

I love this piece!

Campbell Jane said...

Thanks for stopping by my place. I will definitely try your guac. Browsing through your blog I fell in love with this piece all over again!