The evolution of a day.

Total yearning, every muscle in my body and the dream that it surrounds.


Adorning Life

Until you stop all your thoughts, you are tied to your surroundings.

Update 1:

Updated 2:

Time is Nothing


Self Portrait

Update 1:

Update 2:

Oils and metallic paint marker on 36" x 36" canvas


Oils on 24" x 36" Canvas

Oils on 30" x 24" Canvas


Artist Trading Cards Program

ATC Program - Artist Trading Card Originals 


Whistler rendered (sideways) in watercolor.

A gift for your trump card.

Sent from a device that has become an extension of my body.


L'aumento da Inferno e L'aumento al Paradiso

The Rise from Hell   and   The Rise to Paradise

'Even as he is who seeth in a dream,

   And after dreaming the imprinted passion
   Remains, and to his mind the rest returns not,

Even such am I, for almost utterly
   Ceases my vision, and distilleth yet
   Within my heart the sweetness born of it;'

-Il Paradiso, Canto XXXIII

A Tribute to Dante Alighieri. 


The Last Rainforest

Oils on very large (unknown size) canvas

Study in Watercolor

SO, watercolor. I have to say that I really enjoy it. The amount of pigment or water has an effect on the beautiful layers and light/darkness.


Oils & metallic ink on 26'' x 5'4'' canvas

Hand is Holding:

a) a lifeline

b) a balloon


HEART of Fire

Oils & metallic ink on very tall (unknown) canvas

This love is like a forest fire in the moss, once sweeping though, it never really leaves, it just burns quietly underground, unable to be extinguished but somehow searching for a way back up for air.



Oils on 26'' x 5'4'' canvas

Here are 2 works in progress from my new collection. They show vivid and colorful, and/still sated with Lament. It's the colors and their supportive strands that lay the groundwork for the many ways you can interpret what they mean.


Part II

24'' x 30''

The other day, I had a candle lit bath. I remember this gentle, exhilarating feeling of sinking my long hair into the tub as I lay my head under the water and hundreds of tiny bubbles come climbing up through. It was beautiful, like a little dream.


Blue Thoughts in the Dead Grass - Part I

Oils, adhesive and various dead grasses on 24'' x 30'' stretched canvas.

This is a photo of what it looks like during the drying process, my next post will be tomorrow after the adhesive, oil and paint have dried together around the grasses, leaving a hardened spiral of tralucent, color and organic wire.



36" x 36" Oils and acrylic wash on stretched canvas.

A 'Dark/Light' painting of Sir John Frusciante.

Just in time for All Hallows.

Untitled: Self Portrait

36" x 36" Oils on stretched canvas.

What Was

Is now faded, dirty and broken.


Prima Ballerina Assoluta

Oils on 36'' x 36'' stretched canvas.

Untitled so far, but I am sure it will come to me once she is finished. It could be a dancer, and the white silk or light is swirling around her. Updates will follow.


Prima Ballerina Assoluta. Definition:
The title or rank of prima ballerina assoluta was originally inspired by the Italian ballet masters of the early Romantic Ballet and was bestowed on a ballerina who was considered to be exceptionally talented, above the standard of other leading ballerinas. The title is very rarely used today and recent uses have typically been symbolic, in recognition of a notable career and as a result, it is commonly viewed as an honour rather than an active rank.